Mount Rinjani Trekking Advantages from the Trip

Not many people realize the types of Mount Rinjani trekking advantagesthat you can enjoy from the entire experience. The perks aren’t only limited to the physical aspect but the entire experience too. After all, when you are exploring the second highest mountain in Indonesia, you can be sure that you will enjoy the great view as well as being able to explore the nature freely.

The Greatest Perks

There are some of the basic and general Mount Rinjani trekking advantagesthat you can enjoy from the experience:

  • Enjoying the natural exploration. You will have to go through the dense forest which guarantees you the most natural and best view – even one of the best views in the world. There are 3 different caves, known as the Paying Cave, Beads Cave, and Milk Cave. In Milk Cave, you can meditate or exile from the world.
  • Enjoying the hot water bath. There is a natural hot spring that can be used for bathing. It is believed that the water has this healing property that can cure many diseases and ailments.
  • Coming to Segara Anak Crater Lake. The locals believe that their ancient ancestor spirits reside in the lake.
  • Improving your physical fitness. The path to the peak is challenging but the whole experience is rewarding, in terms that you won’t only enjoy the view from the top but also your efforts to get there.
  • Increasing your environment and social awareness. You’d be more consicous about the environment once you have explored the path. It is too bad that the beautiful and natural scenery is tarnished with the rubbish and such thing alike.
  • Gaining and getting friends. You can’t help it but you will gain friends along the way. You will meet new friends, most likely the same trekkers who will share path with you.

In the end, the entire exploration can be beneficial for you – mentally and physically. Those are some of the basic Mount Rinjani trekking advantagesthat you can enjoy from the trip.

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